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Specialised Weapons

Blind Monk StickKing Monkey StickLau Gar Pole
Monk Spade (Dot Mo)Moon SpadeMoon Tooth Spade
Tiger ForkTiger HooksPlum Blossom Pole
Horse Cutting Knife (Cha Ma Do)Executioner's KnifeChoy Yung Do
Walking Stick IWalking Stick IIIron Umbrella
Snake SpearSnake Axe SpearDouble Ended Spear
Plum Blossom Straight SwordDot Mo Straight SwordNorthern Broadsword
Steel FanFluteSword Flute
Fish Tale KnivesSun and Moon KnivesJudge's Pens
Three Section Stick IThree Section Stick IIRope Dart
Elephant HooksThunder Stick Guwyes (Tong Fa's)
Hung Kuen DaggersNorthern DaggersChain
Mok Gar DaggerSingle Northern DaggerBroadsword and Shield
Butterfly Knives (Second Two Monks)Single Butterfly KnifeButterfly Knife and Shield
Devil's TridentSai's